Our History Since June, 2009

Wide Spectrum Of Exposure started in Atlanta Georgia June 2009.  As a non-profit organization 2010   The VISION is to support the community educationally and self-development.  We also support the homeless recipients and sheltering homes with workshops and training courses.

The nature of our services is to empower all that seeks GREATNESS and SUCCESS.  We work with all people and ages.  However, we are not certified for specialty needs.  Each staff are criminal and drug screened.  The facilitators are professionals with certifications or degrees.  

Nevertheless, keep in mind, to support your vision, you have to be committed and sincere with the journey.  Your vision can be achievable thereafter the required time noted.  

Wide Spectrum Of Exposure is full of passion and structure with integrity.  The loyalty and dedication we offer is what makes us genuine about our services and intention. This hub have worked many years in supporting with the community.  The only requirement WSOE expects from the client is to stay within the parameters of intended mission and you will see an enormous amount of satisfaction to yourself with quality results. 

We focus on the quality of services to our clients , not the quantity we can achieve.


Tutoring, Mentoring, Literacy Class, Early Childhood Education, Milestone/GED Review, Youth programs, Educational Summer Camp, Adult Job Training.  LIFE  COACH  & MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER on Relationships, Bullying, Leadership, Entrepreneur, Domestic Violence and Women Empowerment.