´╗┐Relate, Support & Educate

                   WSOE MESSAGE BOARD

Enrollment is now open for YOUTH MENTORING all ages from 5yrs to 17yrs.

VOICING YOUR TRUTH NETWORK... 35+ yrs old "Relate, Support & Educate ".

 **RSVP for date, time & location.  We offer this monthly.**

Youth network... Ages 5 yrs to 17 years old.  Mentoring for all and workshop every other week.  

** RSVP for date, time & location.**

Its time to cease the BULLYING among all ages. WSOE will be starting a monthly "Relate, Support & Educate rally". We will be having monthly speakers on various topics that will empower all that seeks to become, VICTORIOUS.


NOTE:  In order to have a STORY to share, you must have had a JOURNEY.